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Shaan Afridi

Wish you knew how much cash you had to grow your business?

Tax Planning and CFO Services for Real Estate Investors


Cash is the lifeblood of your business, but without a clear handle on how much you have at any given time, making confident decisions is hard. If you think you have more than you do, you risk a big loss. Having more than you realize means you miss out on opportunities.

Tax Planning

Income tax is your single largest expense which you hope to reduce every year, but hope is not a strategy, so let’s plan. Advance planning can significantly reduce your tax bill. Don’t wait until the end of the year, once it’s too late.


It’s amazing to make a million dollars, but it’s a killer to learn at the end of the year that you spent $1.2M. Let’s get on top of your books so you’re up-to-date with your money. Clean books and numbers that make sense to you makes all the difference.


Did you know that your business could be eligible for a tax refund of up to $10,000 per employee for fiscal year 2020? Or, even better, a refund of $7,000 per employee, per quarter, for fiscal year 2021? With everything going on the last few years, it’s no surprise that most people missed this IRS program.


Some businesses bring in accountants after the fact just to check everyone’s math and then give bookkeeping little thought until the next fiscal year. This outdated view of bookkeeping misses the valuable role that accounting firms and CPAs can play in the modern business world.

About Me

Rare financial expert

Shaan Afridi is the rare financial expert who has both the practical skills to understand complex tax and accounting issues and the communication skills to simplify those issues for his clients. Shaan has dedicated his professional life to helping his clients navigate the most difficult problems in ways that protect their businesses and enable them to grow. With more than a decade of global experience, Shaan has helped clients of all sizes minimize their tax burdens and maximize their profits.
Utilizing advanced tax strategies that have previously been the domain of the world’s largest corporations, Shaan now helps Orange County businesses insulate themselves from excessive tax burdens. With a degree in accounting from San Jose State University and having practiced in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, Shaan understands the details of local and state tax statues. His absolute grasp of the nuances of tax structure enable him to protect your business from paying more than it legally has to.
Though hiring Shaan to review your taxes or your books before submitting them will create savings that pay for his services many times over, the biggest impact comes from planning ahead. Consulting with a financial professional on your business decisions will offer you the most significant advantages to your bottom line. It’s your money. Let Shaan help you keep more of it.